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Flooring Company

P.O. Box 78623
Corona, CA 92877
(951) 751-1187
Fax: (951) 346-9018
email: SaddlebackFlooring


Saddleback Flooring Company is your number one choice for hardwood, laminates, natural stone and ceramic tile flooring In Corona. Saddleback can assist you all phases of design, purchase, and installation of your new flooring.

Contact Saddleback Flooring Company today to get a quotation on your flooring project and  to learn how Saddleback can assist you in all aspects of your flooring project to make this one of the easiest home improvements ever!

Flooring Company

(951) 751-1187


Flooring Company
(951) 751-1187
Corona, CA 92877

Floor & Decor
(951) 808-3360
200 Hidden Valley Parkway Map
Norco, CA 92860

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